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One fish two fish red fish blue fish! 6J

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     A fish is an aquatic vertebrate that is covered in scales and are cold blooded. Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone.

The three main characteristics that chordates possess are the nerve cord, the nothochord and eventually a throat with gills.

Fish formed nearly 540 million years ago!  Fish are chordates that have a nerve cord, a notocord, and a throat with gills.  They have a keen sense of smell and taste. Fish have special digestive systems to digest things from other fish to sand.  It has a closed circulatory system which mean all of their blood vessels are inside.  There are three types of fishes, Jawless, Cartilaginous, and Bony.  Jawless fishes are the earliest evolution of fishes.  They had no Jaws, no scales, and no paired fins.  Cartilaginous fishes had skeletons of cartilage.  These fish include Sharks and Manta Rays.  Bony have paired fins, and a bony skeleton. 



This is a picture of a chordate:




This is a diagram of the inside of a fishes body:




And this is a diagram of the outside of a fishes body:






                                                                                     A Few Saltwater Fish:




this is a saltwater fish tank (sorry it is so long) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLYLIenbYLc&feature=related


A few Freshwater fish-



This is a video of a freshwater fish tank (sorry it is so long) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-MOjWfrsw8



Fish as Pets!!!

when you have a fish as a pet, it is important to keep their tank and water clean.

-you have to scrub the tank usually about once a month

-when the water starts looking either green or just really cloudy, you should change the water and change the filter

-there is a fish that can clean the tank, they are called bottom feeders. They might need help if the tank gets too gross.


If you have a saltwater tank you have to make sure the salt level does not get to high or to low

If you have a freshwater tank you need to test the PH and Amonia levels every month (you can also check when the fish look sick or the water looks weird)

there are a few types of disease that are usually rare but can happen this is one example

-dropsy - symptoms: look really fat. The scales stick out, this is called pineconing.


Some fish don't get along with their own kind.

Betas are one example

some fish that they get along with are Platys, Cherry barbs, Tetras, and others. 

If you are going to get a fish just remember these thing and they will be fine:D!!!



     If  you have ever heard the term “there are plenty of fish in the sea” then you think it is true. Well, you are wrong. In groups of huge numbers, fish are disappearing from the ocean. Most of them are being made into our daily food. Others are being killed by pollution and climate change. Overfishing is a big problem right now. If we keep taking this many fish out of the ocean at a time, there will no longer be any fish in the sea. The biggest problem with overfishing, is that the companies producing the product aren’t taking the matter at hand into concern.  Just recently a few countries have begun to manage their fisheries to keep a stable fish population. PLEASE HELP THE FISHIES!!! J

     If you ever go fishing, do not use a net. They usually have many hooks on them and can hurt fish and other sea creatures. Also, if you do go fishing, please know how to carefully take the hook out of the fishes mouth before throwing them back in the water!  If this keeps up, there will be no more “fish nights” (for dinner) at home! AGAIN PLEASE HELP THE FISHIES J SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!! 


     Fish are important because they are a part of our eco-system just as every other living creature is vital for us to survive.  They also provide food for us even though we are taking advantage of this fact and fish all over the world are dying from overfishing, and various other reasons such as pollution. Fish are very important to join us in a fish to keep them alive. Thank you! 


   see a bunch of cool videos!    fish video hall



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This is a video that we thought was funny enjoy!! :D



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